If you want to evaluate the performance of protocol using NS-2, first you have to define the evaluation criteria. This time I want to explore about Packet delivery ratio, packet lost and end to end delay.

What are they??

Packet delivery ratio : the ratio of the number of delivered data packet to the destination. This illustrates the level of delivered data to the destination.

∑ Number of packet receive / ∑ Number of packet send

The greater value of packet delivery ratio means the better performance of the protocol.

End-to-end Delay : the average time taken by a data packet to arrive in the destination. It also includes the delay caused by route discovery process and the queue in data packet transmission. Only the data packets that successfully delivered to destinations that counted.

∑ ( arrive time – send time ) / ∑ Number of connections

The lower value of end to end delay means the better performance of the protocol.

Packet Lost : the total number of packets dropped during the simulation.

Packet lost = Number of packet send – Number of packet received .

The lower value of the packet lost means the better performance of the protocol.

How to analyze trace file to find the result?

First : you must analyze the trace file with this Script PDR and E2ED

run this script with command :

awk -f PacketDeliveryRatio.awk (name trace file.tr)

awk -f Endtoenddelay.awk (name trace file.tr)

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